To My Ocean Home

Photo by Tom Grasso
Photo by Tom Grasso

I’m coming, my love. I’m coming.

Remember when I used to ask you questions, and peace was your reply? I’d feel the sense of emptiness, and you’d fill the void with peace. I’d utter syllables of suffering, and you caress me with love. I’d fight with the tools of resistance offered to me from birth, and you’d lead me with the sweet embrace of surrender…

You loved me before I loved myself, and you knew me before I’d even uncovered my own mystery. You’d rise to meet me when the moon had risen, and sink to greet me when she had fallen beneath the distant horizon. You’d let me leave my footprints in the sand and then erase them in your time, teaching me that nothing lasts forever, not even the memories of pain or the sweet suggestion of love discovered by the touch of humans Being.

You allowed me to see myself in the places you were still, and to discover myself in those places where you weren’t. You taught me much in the fatal grasp of your current, and in the sweet release of my own surrender. You’ve cooled my feet scorched while walking in the sun-drenched sand, and healed the wounds born as I walked in the rocky places of my life.

You’ve taught me much, my love, and I am coming if only to say goodbye.

You’ll laugh, knowing that you’ve taught me well, and you’ll sing knowing that I can hear your song. Then you’ll let go, knowing you are part of me, and you’ll erase any evidence of my existence, save those parts of me that can never be erased.

You’ll become my long-distance love affair, my dream again, and I will visit. You’ll know me then, and we will remember who we are. To my Ocean home I say farewell, to my sand I say goodbye, to memory you go.

Sweet dreams, love…until we meet again.

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