The Distance (A Poem)

The distance...
Like a wave caught between its subtle motion
And it's breaking end
Comes at me like a long lost friend
Laughing at me
For some silliness I had done.

Someone once said...
That the difference between a boy and a man
Was a few thousand uncried tears
Well, I've become a man
Torn in that glorious revelry
Reborn in the remnants of a once-hallowed past.

I love...
With such passion as to temper hardened steel
With such strength as to turn diamonds into powder
With such tenderness to guide the softest feather to the ground.
Love can scream or whisper...
It can open wounds or comfort...
It can be the lightest touch or the punch that knocks you down.

Love is allowance.
Like a great canvas upon which we paint our own experience
Like the air that does not fight our inhalation.
We honor her with the exhalation that gives us song
With the moments that pass us from beyond the horizon.
With our own end when the time comes.

So use the torrid storm
As a means to see the beauty all around
For nothing highlights the flower like the stone
Nothing gives importance to a single sip of water like dire thirst.
See the break in the dark clouds?
That's where the Sun bursts through.

So, I say to you my Beloved...
Hold me firm as you let me go
Take me in as you watch me walk through the door
And never utter a prayer without remaining silent.
See me in the underlids of your eyes
In the places where your soul plays to no one but itself.

I will see you there
I may touch you or watch you from a distance.
Distance where the wave is caught between its subtlety 
And the rough surf of its demise
Where everything is created and destroyed in an instant
And where we might dance the tide to home.
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