The Tears that Bind Us (Random Thoughts)

  • Sometimes tears aren’t agents of pain. Sometimes those precious little drops are signs of growth, of love, and of an undeniable quest for liberation.
  • If grown men don’t cry, as I was taught, then perhaps that is why grown men aren’t growing. They’re grown in stature, but small in the face of Universal truth. Love scares them, pain frightens them, and suffering is their constant companion.
  • Tears sprout from the great ocean within us. The more we try to contain them, the more powerful they become. Let them flow, let them rise up and rain on us. You, the flowers of this space, need watering too.
  • Ever just sit there, feeling the powerful wave of emotion, basking in the warmth of human interaction, of truly being saved not by some character of fiction but some truth of realization, and just let it go? We call that crying, and it is an art unto itself.
  • I see her crying, the tears rolling down her face. Tears are like the surface of some great sea. If we stop and focus just on them, we ignore the depth that they defy. If we ignore them we can be left in treacherous waters. Instead, see them for what they are; the soul speaking through the ether in ways only it, and its mate, understand. Feel her tears, and find the truth of a gospel rarely read but often seen.
  • Ever wonder why all tears taste the same? Oneness…now chew on that for a while.
  • I’d rather anoint myself with my own tears than some holy water somewhere. At least there is truth in my tears.
  • Few things are better than tasting her salty drops as they land on me from up above and realizing I can’t tell if they are drops of sweat or tears of pure joy.
  • Raindrops may not come from cloudless skies, but rainbows aren’t born without the Sun. Tears may not come without the contrast of pain, but a smile is not born without joy.
  • This too shall pass. Now, cry it out so you can make space for what’s coming.
  • Some say tears are a product of sorrow, and laughter is a child of joy. I say you can’t have one without the other. So maybe, just maybe, tears and smiles are siblings born of parents who not only need each other, but exist in the world only for one another.
  • I love you, so cry on my shoulder and watch the flowers bloom there.
  • Sometimes the saltiness of tears is the sweetest nectar.
  • Sometimes when I kiss her cheek I can taste the saltiness of tears cried long ago. I realize that they’ve faded, but are not gone…bitter testaments of times not yet healed, of moments not yet lost to now.
  • We’ve sown the seeds of our discontent, so maybe our tears will help them sprout.



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