The Crown Within (Original Version) ~A Poem with mature language

I originally wrote this on Facebook using an iPhone and, when I hit “post”, it vanished. Suddenly, about an hour later, it magically appeared. I edited it, given the iPhones propensity to make shit up, and proudly offer the original version for your enjoyment.

The Crown Within (mature language)

We love, we lose.
We leave the scents behind.
Some flowers live, and others die
And others bloom within our mind.

We give, we take
We stumble and then we fall.
Yet in our nature burns that will
Then we stand up big and tall.

Look into these eyes of mine
And hear this Lion roar
Take a drink and lick this cup
And come back wanting more.

It’s not some beaten part of me
Or some ego built inside.
I have no time to waste I feel
I want a warrior by my side.

I’m not some withered stick to burn at night
To light your fearful way,
I am the mother fucking Sun
And I burn throughout the day.

Yet feel my gentle touch my dear
Lightly on your skin
And know my power’s not out there
I wear the crown within.

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3 thoughts on “The Crown Within (Original Version) ~A Poem with mature language”

  1. I’m glad that you were able to recover the original. Both versions are great and this one is better.
    I also lost a post yesterday and was not so concerned about its recreation. I’m envious now that I didn’t. =)

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