The Crown Within

Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose,
Sometimes we leave those scents behind
Some flowers live while others die,
And some bloom only in our mind.

Some mountains offer majesty
While others a painful fall,
Yet in our nature burns a will
That has us rise up and stand tall.

I'm not looking for a Angel's grace
And though the emptiness is wide,
I can feel her presence in the void
She's a warrior by my side.

She has no need for broken sticks
That will light her darkened way.
I am the mother fucking Sun to her
Who lights up every day.

I'm not some eager child of God
She needs to save her from her fear,
She knows her man who's conquered both
Yet she holds me tight and near.

No games are played in this paradise
No battle lines are drawn.
Two loving souls who have survived
The darkness right before the dawn.

She looks deeply in my loving eyes
And still hears this Lion roar.
She'll take a drink and lick this cup
While always wanting more.

Two warriors sit upon one throne
No crown upon their skin.
For both know there is no strength out there,
It's the crown they wear within.

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