And Feel Her Heartbeat Once Again

I felt her passion through her eyes,
Her heart beating through her lips,
And a bit of me in each breath,
In each whisper of her singing soul.

I could feel her loving touch,
Burrow deep beyond my flesh,
And settle in the deepest parts of me,
There, and everywhere, she became part of my soul.

A thousand lifetimes passed,
A stranger in the night, 
A scent, a scene, a distant memory
Shows itself in a lonely, hopeful tear.

Heading toward source, 
Splashing in some foreign soil
She heard my cries asunder.

And there, in the loneliness of night,
She met me...standing tall.
A warrior challenged to the bone,
She touched the scar nearest my waiting heart.

"Lover, please come..."
I stood waiting by the foggy street light.
"I am here..."
She stood standing by her rocky trail.

So crazy is the night we met.
The insanity made so much sense,
That the Earth itself rocked heaven's cradle
And the Moon withdrew her sultry glance.

So wonderful is the time we shared.
The soft ground on which we laid,
The rose's petals falling all around us,
The frost melting into a puddle upon our skin.

There, we gazed into heaven's gates,
And sang the song of Love's sweet prize.
Ecstasy, a lost but cherished moment...
Forgotten in the memory of misery's company.

The giggles, there we found our life again.
The moans, there we found our souls again.
The peaks, there we found ourselves again.
The Sunrise, there we found our strength again.

A sacred promise as two Lovers walk upon the day.
Hand in hand, her head on shoulders made strong again.
We stop, only to renew the gift and kiss again.
Then continue, only to renew the kiss and gift again.

And thus we live forevermore,
Until the next lifetime calls us home again,
And birth renews the Master's promise
And we find each other searching in some other field.

And there will be a tear,
A single memory which can't be told,
Yet felt, as I gaze into her eyes,
And kiss her lips, and feel her heartbeat once again.


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  1. Wonderful and soulful! Thank you for sharing, obviously straight from the soul, what many of us cannot always put into words.

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