The Brand New Sunny Day (A Poem)

There I stood, tall and proud,
Facing the raging sea.
I called to you, with no reply,
I had to turn to…me.

I begged and pleaded to no avail,
No savior came that day,
So I went within to find a source,
To find another way.

There began a battle,
I cursed, stumbled and fell,
It had become a bloody path
A path I knew too well.

I held my feet to fires,
That I had never set,
I owned someone else’s misery,
And earned some blisters of regret.

Then once I found my question,
And wanted to be free,
I withdrew from flames that others lit,
And the answer came to me.

There is no wrong or right in life,
There is no saint or sin,
The truth remains the whole of me,
True power is within.

There is nothing that I can’t simply change,
It all depends on what I see,
I am both slave and Master of,
Those things which I agree.

To walk the path of holy light,
You first must walk alone,
Then you find the Sun has dawned,
On holy ground that you have sown.

You are so perfect in yourself,
Despite what others say,
So stand up tall and take it in,
The brand new sunny day.

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