The Beginnings of Forever (Mature Only)

Yes…talk to me. Tell me your secrets. Give me those little pieces of you that you rarely share. Let me join you in the bed you’ve made for us, and  give me breath renewed to the passion we share.

These are the beginnings of forever.

Touch me in ways I will never forget, and whisper those things you fear the light hearing. Let me embrace all of you, caress those sultry mounds and aged lines, and help you find comfort in my longing gaze. Permit me in those inner walls you’ve built, and lower the gate that guards your heart. There, I know heaven exists. There, I know I’ve found a home.

Show me what you see as flaws so that I may love them in return. Bring your lips to my own so that I may kiss you, and bend your breast to my mouth so that I can awaken you. Dance around with those curlers in your hair until my arms wrap around you and your rhythm changes just a bit. Make love to me in the moonlight, in the snowy crests on where we rest, and in the clear mountain streams we’ve come to bring us back to life.

Take my hardness in your gentle hands, and let’s share our mantras of tomorrow in the songs of our ecstasy.  Take me inside you as you enter my heart, and let the rivers of passion and streams of truth flow through us. around us, and between us. Give and take of me as I give and take of you, our rough edges fit, and our subtle curves meld into one beautiful picture.

I long for that color in this black and white world. Color that expresses the whole of us in each and every moment. Color that spreads the joy of a beautiful work of art, a picture several hold but few are captured in. I long for your wit, for your humor, for your open soul even as I want for your nails dug deeply into my back, your teeth sinking into my shoulder as I enter you. I want your hand in mine as we walk among the trees, your body next to mine as we take in the scenes of great beauty around us. I want to know every inch of you as we breathe, and to offer you every cell of my existence as we take our embraces to the holiest of human endeavor.

This is such a sweet, beautiful light that, when focused, cuts through the walls of time we’ve built. This is such a wonderful fire that not only lights our way but exposes the shadows we see around us. This is the sweet fragrance that contrasts the stench, the miracle that flays open the remarkable field of possibility.

But for now, a breath as I soak in the moments that we share. In these, the beginnings of forever, we plant the seeds of eternal harvest.  I do not want to miss a moment of this sowing, just as I have not missed a moment of the tilling of this soil. I want to take in each moment as we sprout, each second as we grow, each unfolding as we bloom.

Now, off we go…each new moment the beginnings of forever carefully written in the sand.

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