I remember everything…

I remember everything.

I remember the darkest moments of my life, and how you held a torch to help me find my way.

I remember the moments when I could not stand, and you held me steady as I struggled in rising from myself.

I remember the moments when I could not see, and your voice gave me hope.

I remember when no one would listen, and you stood up and raised my voice above the noise.

I remember when I was riddled with doubt, and your kiss stole uncertainty from my mind.

I remember when I felt alone, and your caress toldĀ me a tale of all

I remember when I needed to fly, and you let me go to venture high above the clouds.

I remember when I felt the need to dive, and you gave me space to plunge beneath the surface.

Yes, I remember it all. I remember you. I remember me when I was next to you, and I remember you when empty space is all I find. I remember you when I lay my head to sleep at night, hungry and thirsty. I remember you when I search for a place to stay dry in the storm, and when I surrender and dance in the rain.

Such is Love…and in Love I remember everything.

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