If I Haven’t Told You…

If I haven’t told you that I love you, let me tell you now. Let me whisper the words in your ear, and bury the power of each day in your soul. Let me lift you from the mud, carry you safely up the slope, and gently wash the time we’ve spent apart from your beautiful face.

Let me feel your eyes burrow softly through my own, releasing a lifetime of splintered wood born from the walls we now destroy. Let me bathe in ecstasy as your smiling lips kiss my own, erasing the space between our needy flesh, uniting the time and space we’ve used to meet upon this place.

If I haven’t told you that I love you, let me tell you now. Let me exhale in your presence the breath I’ve held so long in your absence. Let me know you through the dimly lit space we share, a space where fear gives way to ecstasy, where time surrenders to eternity.

If I haven’t told you that I love you, let me tell you now. Let me write it in the clouds and etch it softly on the surface of our moon. Let the stars align to spell our destiny, and the heavens themselves sing out in the sacred praise.

There are no footsteps I have taken nor footprints I have left that haven’t pointed to where you are. I have pulled some mighty carts and carried some hefty stones to prepare my being for that moment when we will sit.  Still. In each other’s arms.

If I haven’t told you that I love you, please hear it now. Hear it in every breath you take, in every song you sing, in every drop of rain that falls upon your flesh. Hear it in the tick of every second, and in the mantra that your heart sings when you are alone.  Hear it, my love, and remember every single word.

There will come a time when you will look into my eyes, and you will know. You will feel it in my hand as it strongly, gently, grasps your own. You will know it in the waves of indescribable energy that pours over you in waves, in the ripples of pure ecstasy as your body trembles in response. You will know it, and  you will answer me without a word.

In that eternity we will find ourselves, drench, parched, and wanting more. Then, there will never be a moment where I haven’t told you that I love you.


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