I’m not sure how to start this. Rare is the moment where the visions don’t flow into words, when the sensations don’t grasp my intentions with the soulful desire to spill upon a page.

Yet this is one of those times. So vivid are the scenes, so real the emotion, that words simply fail to form. I am stuck in a place of high energy where the reality of dreams remain a dream of reality. I beg of them to let go of that place they hold.

Please, let me share you. Let me make this real, let go please…

They laugh, teasing me with what is like a fresh carrot to a starving heart.  A reply.

It is not us holding on. 

The Dream

The rain is coming down steadily, the darkness of the night interrupted by just a few strands of light left over from something unexplained. In the stark evening storm, she’s there. The strands of her naturally curly hair weighed down by the downpour, a long dress clinging to her ample, naked form. I take in her beauty from this distance…

Coming soon on The Erotic Bloom by Sam Vega