Forever Long

I've seen you,
And marveled at your beauty.
I've heard you,
And sat enchanted by your melody.
I've felt you,
And melted slowly in your passion...

Now, a puddle am I,
Lost in thoughts of your power,
Kept imprisoned by nothing short of my own liberation.
Left drawing lines with my mind's wondrous pen,
"Come, sit beside me,"
I whisper words you'll never hear.

I see you bend in such wonderful ways,
A smile, a sultry a mission spent lost in space,
All of me, seemingly pointless in direction,
All of you, a star my ship sails nowhere to,
A master's compass begs me to some strange land,
A broken compass points me straight to you.

My god! I am lost, wandering about aimlessly here,
Gone intrepid pieces of some whimsical fantasy,
Where you and I are hand-in-hand,
Cheek-to-cheek, breast-to-breast,
Dancing slowing to our song,
Lost forever, forever long.

Amiss I may be, 
But true is the arrow on which my blood runs red,
Disharmony runs amok across the streets where I lay,
But true the song that sings your name,
So true the song that sings you name,
Love...I need to I come.
Lost forever, forever long.
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