For You (A Poem)

I want to love you, but can’t in the way you think I should.
I want to care for you, but not in the way you think I must.
I want to fly with you, but first you need to find your wings.
I want to soar with you, but you first need to leave the ground.

There are no answers, only questions,
There are no questions, only things we think are true.
There is no dream, just a lonely footprint in the sand,
There is no faith, only waves that wash it all away.

There was no time, when anything was easy,
There was no moment when anything was hard.
There were no words save the ones that we created,
There was no fear, save thoughts that held us down.

I’ve drilled a hole in the bottom of my chalice,
It holds nothing, everything runs right through,
My embrace has no top and has no bottom,
My heart will always set you free.

As I’ve said, there is nothing we need do.
As I’ve done, there is nothing we need hide.
As I’ve lost, we have everything to gain,
As I’ve walked, we sit patiently aside.

So, for you, I give everything and nothing.
For you, I walk along in my own way.
For you, I remind you of your pleasure,
While you, remind me of your pain.

Good night, I whisper to the ether,
Good morning, I shout to the heavens up above.
Good day, in stillness that we wander,
For you, the noise we drive away.