Yes, I Think of You

She wants to know.  I want to tell her.

Yes, I think of you. When the words pour from my soul they say your name. When the letters come and mix together, they spell your essence. When the thoughts arrive, they paint a picture of your smile, your eyes, your loving presence.

Yes, I think of you. When the moment comes and the Sun rises, I think of you. When the starry skies light up the nighttime path, I think of you. When I reach the summit of certain places, when my foot falls upon the hardest to reach spaces of my life, I think of you.

Those hard to reach places. Drawn as I am by the low and flat valleys, I am defined by the steep inclines and shaky pathways I have traveled. I have loved and lost, and stumbled as all men do. Yet, when rise and shake the dust from my bloody limbs, I think of you.

I think of you sitting on the summit, waiting for me to climb. I think of all the moments where you’ve entered through the gaps, where you’ve spoken through the silence, where you’ve uttered words only you could have spoken. I think of where you are, and where I stand. I think of the distance I have traveled to get to you, and the moment when our lips finally touch, and our bodies swear the oath our hearts had written so very long ago.

Until that moment, I’ll think of you. I’ll think about how beautiful you are. I’ll think about how thoughts of you rise me up each morning, and I’ll think of you as my eyes shut each night.

Yes, I think of you.

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