You Know the One (A Poem)

There is one…
You know the one…
She is teasing with a glance,
Preying on you with her eyes,
Tormenting you with all those possibilities.

There is one…
You know the one…
Causing your mind to race,
Setting your heart on fire,
Scorching your soul with unspoken intentions.

That’s what gets me rising,
The promise, that promise of something wonderful,
The hope, the hope that springs eternal from within,
Whispering angels telling lies,
Shouting demons speaking nothing but the truth.

There is this one…
You know the one…
Making soft things firm,
Creating something out of nothing,
A strengthened arm rising from the molten ash.

There is one…
You know the one…
With just one word universes are born,
With just one inkling it all explodes,
A mountain rises from the sullen plains.

That’s where it all arises,
The Sun, the Moon, the silken sky,
That’s where it all meets,
Eternity and walls of Father Time,
What I’ve lost to get to what I’ve always wanted.

Because there is…one.
We all know…the one.