A Letter from Ginger

My children recently received a letter from Ginger, our Elf on a Shelf. It read:

“Dear Michael and Gianna,

It has been my pleasure to be with you these many years. I’ve been able to see you grow, watch your challenges and your joys, and I couldn’t be happier that Santa sent me to you.

I wanted to let you know that my mission has now changed. You both are such wonderful Beings, and you are beautiful people with so much love in you that it is time that you see me as I truly am. I am not Santa’s “spy”. He never sent me to report back to him on what you were doing wrong. Instead, he sent me to report to him on what you were doing RIGHT, and that list has grown larger than I can keep. You both have made the world a much better place.

For now on, during the Holiday Season, I have been tasked to be a reminder to you both. A reminder of all the good you can bring into the world. A reminder of the Spirit of Giving, and the power of offering a helping hand whenever you can. A reminder of the power of a hug, of a kind word, of a loving smile.

The truest gifts are not the things that we get, but the things that we give. Powerful gifts are not expensive, in fact they do not cost a thing. You both know what I am talking about, I’ve watched you give gifts of love and truth for years.

I may appear throughout the year if it feels as if you need a reminder. Remember that I love you, and that the Spirit of Christmas is about love, and about sharing that love with everyone you meet. It is about, seeing how powerful you are when you simply allow the love within you to show itself. When you see me appear, remember those things, and simply say to yourself,

“I love you.”

Everything will change when you believe those words. Say “I love you” to yourself over an over again until that smile appears on your face. It will, I promise.

Have a wonderful Holiday. Peace.

Ginger, your faithful friend.”

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