The Sea of Love

Like a crazy summer storm, she came to me. There were no signs. There was no warning. Yet, in a sudden flash the flood had come and I was left a beautiful mess laid strewn upon the sands. I was struck dumbfounded by an invisible bolt of light, as indescribable wave after indescribable wave washed upon the shore. Here I was on the shoreline, clearly bathing in a wonderful Sea of Love.

Life happens for me like that. I’ll be walking along in a mixture of minding-my-own-business and exploring-the-flowers-all-around-me when it comes; a rare and very special moment. The dream seems real and the air seems fresh, and every word I feel becomes written in the tiny bumps that form along my skin. Then, I become a new mixture of contrasts; a man completely aware of the pure consciousness within him suddenly becoming an excited soul jumping about like a schoolboy on Christmas morning.

Ordinarily, I enjoy the fragrance of life, and the magical mixture of color that I see surrounding my space. I prefer never to pick the flowers around me, choosing to let them be to explore their own destiny, in their own way. No flower can grow if I’ve plucked it from its rooted place, and the world is a bit less beautiful when we discard flowers left dead from our embrace.

When that rarest of moments comes, the colors around me change, and the fragrances raise my senses. Light breezes are replaced by not-so-subtle winds as a light mist forms. In this moment, in this time, everything that has happened until now makes sense, and every sound around me becomes a song hummed in paradise. I stand there in stillness, toes playing in the soft sand, waiting for her to catch up to me. Wait I will, lest I kill this beautiful flower and destroy this wonderful gift.

That it is. Sometimes we are reminded of the beauty around us by adding to it. I’ve made my life beautiful by cutting down the rotted trees and weeding out the despot weeds that choke off my existence. In the process, a vast sea of love has been exposed. It is there I wait, patiently looking for her.

She arrives. She’s tricky that way. Nonchalantly she’ll saunter up to greet me, calmly making herself known to the raging wilds within. She can’t possibly see those things that result from her arrival;  the flowers exploding open, the mist steadily drenching my soul, my heart racing within me, my dreams all condensing into one, beautiful form. I take her hand calmly, even as the rush of fire within me sets my world ablaze. I kiss her gently as I struggle to catch my breath. I can feel each wave from the Sea of Love smashing against the jagged rocks I’ve formed with me. This must be heaven.

I know she’s there with me. I can feel it in her touch, taste it in her kiss, and sense it in her every word now filling my needy cup. I whisper not so quietly, Let’s go for a swim, my love. Let’s jump in and see where the current takes us. Let’s surrender to the Sea, for though it is deep and wide, we shall not drown in Her embrace.

A glance. A smirk. Yeah, she knows exactly what I’m saying.

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