Please do…

Don’t. Please don’t.

I don’t want your hollow words. I don’t want your seemingly endless promises. I don’t want those fancy words describing your fanciful thoughts about endless gestures of love. I don’t want your frothy surface, or your endless need to grasp at some illusion of security.

I want your boldness. I want your strength. I want your power and I want your depth. I want to touch that rock-bottom with you, and rise through the surface of things having experienced a great depth.

There are times in our life when we are faced with mountains whose peaks seem to high to reach, and whose faces seem to sheer to climb. We hear those voices in our heads demanding we find a safe route, and we hear the echoes of a past we feel so beholden to. We may take a step or two, but as those voices grow louder and those echoes more stark, we surrender to the valley, somehow thinking we’ve done enough in our quest forĀ living.

Don’t. Please don’t.

Don’t forget that you want that view the heights promise to deliver. Don’t forget the way your feet became weighed down by the muddy trail below. Don’t forget the fantasies of truth and love that you’ve created while drowning in the muck. Remember, please, how you used to talk about the view above the trees, of gazing at the Moon without the branches in the way?

Remember how you used to walk along the beach, kicking at the incoming waves, dreaming of the moment you’d be free? Tell me that story again, remind me of the you, you wanted to see. Then stop, hold that thought for a moment, and breath in the possibility.

Then stop. Stop the words of doubt you mutter to yourself in your silence. Stop the reliving of things that hold you down, that chain your heart down to a stoneĀ that only wishes to see you free. Stop telling yourself the lies of others that keep you there, in that box of yours, never to see the earth from heights you find in your wildest dreams.

And start. Start living the words of truth you hear pouring out from your soul. Start singing the song you hear in your happy moments. Start skipping in the rain, and doing all those things that bring a smile to that beautiful face of yours. Set your Charkha to spinning toward the direction that brings joy to your step, strength to your hands, and power in your intention. Soon, you will be climbing without thought, and you will find happiness in the fatigue of a body designed to get you nowhere but the summit.

Just get out of your way and climb.

I will love you up there, as I have loved you down here. I will soothe your achy hands to rest as you wish, and I will stand by you as you rise above the treeline. We will brave the icy storms, the winter winds, the spring floods, and the summer Sun with equal joy, and never relinquish our hold on the place that will take us to our sacred space…

…where the stars can be seen without obstruction.

…where the air is pure and each breath is divine.

…where we sit realizing even the stillness is found in every movement.

…where the shaky rocks fall away as the strong ground holds us firm

…to freedom

…to love

…to the truth that connects us all.

Now, do. Please do.

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