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The Sun Does Rise (A Poem)

In the soft breezes of a spring day,
In the sweet melody of love's sweet song,
There you were.

I found you in the Sunrise,
In the orange hues of a brand new day,
That promise renewed.

I saw you in the morning fog,
Dancing in such brilliance,
And extraordinary wonder.

I heard you in the songbird's lust,
Cracking silence with such resilience,
Making stillness such a wonderful emotion.

I felt you in that morning stretch,
Releasing, refreshing in a prayerful yawn,
Come, let us feast on our desire.

My dear Emptiness, my sweet perfume,
That scent that awakens my soul,
The fragrance of my own sacred self.

Come, for now I wither into the day,
Forgotten by most, hindered by my own insanity,
Lost in my own misdirection.

Leave, for now I want her in her chaos,
Found in her own disarray,
I thirst, and she is the drink.

In her, that island oasis in a sea of sand,
My extraordinary finding her ordinary,
Like a magic tale of a man not living on bread alone.

By her, a road full of bumps and bruises and shallow scars,
Turns East, toward an orange sky,
A day renewed, the Sun does rise.


Our Song

What if I said "yes" to your smile?
That simply delicious way you have of asking me a question,
Moving me in pockets,
Testing my resolve.

What if I just wondered into your heart?
Playing the strings of your embodiment,
Softly blowing through the reeds of your desire,
Tickling those parts of you.

What if I trusted your instincts,
As much as I trusted my own?
Climbing steep cliffs and rocky ledges,
Together, holding hands.

What if I softly touched your skin?
Tuning the instruments of your longing,
Strumming the soft notes we've written together,
Singing ecstatically to the Moon.

What if I followed those lines to the center of you?
No distortions in our hastened breath,
Our rhythm keeping Universal time,
Like the Sun and Earth in unison. 

I want to walk with you to places of pure joy,
Find you basking in your own pleasure,
Enter you in moments when you need to be filled.
Call for me.

I want to hear you scream your epithet,
Hear you moan your story, 
Writhe to our song,
Do not lay still, for the moment is passing.

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That Love

To swoon over the Moon,
To find countenance in the Sun,
To bathe in a mountain's early morning dew,
To be comforted by her warmth on a cold, winter's day,

Is to know that love.

To fall into a warm, natural spring,
To speak without ever saying a word,
To know, absent even the slightest thought,
To find desire in the eternal teasing of her soul,

Is to find that love.

To see beauty even in the roughest, uncut stone,
To stand tall even in the weakness of your knees,
To walk straight even when the mind fails in vertigo,
To find life when standing at death's door,

Is to discover that love.

To grasp a beauty that is silence in the chaos,
To find a smile through the veiled tears of suffering,
To know peace in the violent rages of a war,
To touch the face of heaven and God herself,

Is to finally meet that love.

It is that love for which our purpose lies,
It is that love for which our moments meet,
It is that love for which our dreams were broken,
It is that love for which our hearts do beat.

It is that love for which we seek.
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The Blue Skies Lie (A Poem)

I relish in my destiny,
For the blue skies always lie,
The truth remains a mystery,
Underneath the sunny skies.

Reality often resides,
Just beyond my sight,
For the truth is often revealed to me,
In the darkness of the night.

So please don’t fear the Sunless sky,
Or the blindness you can’t see,
In the power of a sightless world,
It’s the moon glow that sets you free.

Just beyond the lies that we’ve been told,
Just outside our baseless dreams,
Echoes a truth alive within our hearts,
And the love that it redeems.

In the flag that burns, on hope we’ve tread,
Through mystic, mindless seas,
I’ve forgotten you, my brother still,
A piano’s absent keys.

Tonight on stone my head shall lie,
And pray the Moon does rise above,
On fragile earth I’ll turn to speak,
To the woman that I love.

Give honor to the moments when,
You fell, broken and forlorn,
For in the bloodied, hardened sand,
The best of you was born.


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Red Bird (A Poem)

An instinctive thought,
Ancestral song,
Knows no difference,
Right or wrong.

A weathered face,
An old man speaks,
This wise old soul,
Knows what he seeks.

An absent mind,
Once strong and true,
This old man walks,
With thoughts of you.

Once lonely steps,
With endless Sun,
A smile oft-tested,
By things he’s done.

She may never know,
The gift she’s been,
But the old man knows,
A winter’s wind.

He found his life,
In the deepest snow,
He found his love,
When he let it go.

The tear that forms,
As the Red Bird sings,
Let clear streams form,
It’s time for spring.



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You Know the One (A Poem)

There is one…
You know the one…
She is teasing with a glance,
Preying on you with her eyes,
Tormenting you with all those possibilities.

There is one…
You know the one…
Causing your mind to race,
Setting your heart on fire,
Scorching your soul with unspoken intentions.

That’s what gets me rising,
The promise, that promise of something wonderful,
The hope, the hope that springs eternal from within,
Whispering angels telling lies,
Shouting demons speaking nothing but the truth.

There is this one…
You know the one…
Making soft things firm,
Creating something out of nothing,
A strengthened arm rising from the molten ash.

There is one…
You know the one…
With just one word universes are born,
With just one inkling it all explodes,
A mountain rises from the sullen plains.

That’s where it all arises,
The Sun, the Moon, the silken sky,
That’s where it all meets,
Eternity and walls of Father Time,
What I’ve lost to get to what I’ve always wanted.

Because there is…one.
We all know…the one.

Back Into You (A Poem)

In the stalwart, wicked ways we do
The shadows torment the whole day through,
And though stumble and fall as all men do,
This one will fall back into you.

Tis wondrous, her eyes wide shut,
A longing, wanting, desperate strut,
Those open wounds, so freshly cut,
She questions things, I don’t know what.

For now I seek a day anew,
To throw away those things untrue.
I’ll stumble and fall as all men do,
But I’ll stumble and fall back into you.

Another day, some other time,
Every word will seem to rhyme,
Two lovers not yet past their prime,
Will find a single hill to climb.

I feel these things, you know them too,
All those things we think we knew,
I’ll stumble and fall as all men do,
But I’ll stumble right back into you.



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For You (A Poem)

I want to love you, but can’t in the way you think I should.
I want to care for you, but not in the way you think I must.
I want to fly with you, but first you need to find your wings.
I want to soar with you, but you first need to leave the ground.

There are no answers, only questions,
There are no questions, only things we think are true.
There is no dream, just a lonely footprint in the sand,
There is no faith, only waves that wash it all away.

There was no time, when anything was easy,
There was no moment when anything was hard.
There were no words save the ones that we created,
There was no fear, save thoughts that held us down.

I’ve drilled a hole in the bottom of my chalice,
It holds nothing, everything runs right through,
My embrace has no top and has no bottom,
My heart will always set you free.

As I’ve said, there is nothing we need do.
As I’ve done, there is nothing we need hide.
As I’ve lost, we have everything to gain,
As I’ve walked, we sit patiently aside.

So, for you, I give everything and nothing.
For you, I walk along in my own way.
For you, I remind you of your pleasure,
While you, remind me of your pain.

Good night, I whisper to the ether,
Good morning, I shout to the heavens up above.
Good day, in stillness that we wander,
For you, the noise we drive away.

It’s Time

From what I see

The secrets keep

It’s time to put 

My dreams to sleep. 


Pressing on

Another day

It’s time to put

Those thoughts away.

A silent prayer

If you’ll excuse 

It’s time to leave

My sultry muse. 

Sweet dreams I say

Tomorrow then?

Yet I’m never sure 

Of how or when. 

So until I meet

The sky above

It’s time to say

Goodnight, my love.


I told her I loved her once. 
I never lied.
Through the treasure of her moment's pause,
Came the music born of her own fear.

I held her hand once, 
And I never wavered.
Though uncertainty rained down upon our sands,
Strength was found in the grains that held us firm.

Perhaps our moment happened once,
Perhaps it never ended,
Because through the rain a ray of light,
Her smile, her eyes, Heaven sent them both.

At once there was all there was to know,
Forgotten twice there came the measure of a man,
My heart and soul embraced her forevermore,
Moving on, yet never quite forgotten.

I told her I loved her once.
I never lied.

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