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I Heard You (A Poem)

I heard you angry,
I heard you sad,
I heard you curse me,
I heard you had.
I heard your promises,
I heard you sigh,
I heard the whispers,
I heard you lie.

In the moments,
We all despise,
We either drown,
Or we rise.
I heard you gasp,
The surface cracked,
But in the end,
The will had lacked.

So off we go,
To the great beyond,
The roughest seas,
In the smallest pond.
A rotted seed,
That cannot grow,
Will surely die,
In the summer snow.

I heard you say,
All wounds mend,
I heard you swear,
There'd be no end.
I heard your laughter,
The stories told,
I heard deceit,
The truth behold.

I heard you breathe,
The Sun did rise,
I heard you question,
Your own disguise.
I heard time stop,
In pools of blue,
Believe me dear,
I heard you.

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Tomorrow’s Destiny (A Poem)

Cradled there, parts denied,
Parts that fade as I have died,
The liar's echoes always rang,
From the window where I now hang...

Poisoned air, cannot breathe,
Lost in darkness as I grieve,
I try to play the part you crave,
As I lie in alone my own grave...

Summer came, winter soon,
An angel's shadow by the Moon,
I lie naked in the snow,
Wanting things you'll never know...

Finally done, the wounded numb,
Searching for the peace to come,
Will you live to rue or to rejoice,
That you failed to call, to hear my voice?

Sunny day, joyful room,
I'll be forgotten as flowers bloom,
Somewhat lost in my disguise,
Are my own forgotten, tearful eyes.

With some dismay, it's time to say,
Goodbye, I walk away,
Forget the song, the road too long,
I'm lost in what is right and wrong...

So take care, no need to stare,
I've found the thinnest, freshest air,
Tonight forever joined to me,
In tomorrow's destiny...

A Remembrance of Wonderful

Something wonderful has happened to me, and I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve it. I’ve asked the Universe countless times, and the only answers I receive are the only ones I seek.

She kisses me. Randomly at times, with purpose in others. The little shock waves that course through my body are like a powerful tide that has surfaced within me. There is an intention in this power, and I am reminded of something I was thought was only for others. I am reminded of a dream I once had during lonely nights, a vision I’d often see when I wondered what my purpose was. I am reminded of an indistinguishable song I’d often hear, and a rhythm I’d feel when the darkness enveloped even the sunniest moments of my life.

I live in the memories of her,  as the vision, the feeling, the dream. I bask in the glow of always knowing she existed, even when doubt covered my heart with emptiness. I exist in a remembrance of something wonderful, and now I exist in her arms as though I have never, ever, been anywhere else.

She takes my body in her arms, and I feel my soul begin to dance. She holds my face in her hands, looking at me with those beautiful, blue eyes and promises me forever. She takes my thoughts, my ideas, my vision and gives them such clarity that I can see things as I was seeing for the very first time.

She gives me her fears, her hopes, and her dreams. She tells me her deepest secrets, and stands tall with me when the strong winds come. She shields my eyes when the Sun is too bright, and lays her head on my shoulder when, somehow, she knows I need it there. She takes my arm in hers, and kisses my cheek, as if there was some way she knew that was exactly what I was hoping for.

Beyond love there is something else. Beyond our human frailties there is a power only we, as Two of One, as the soul’s mates, know. When two pieces of the same puzzle land mysteriously in the same place, and fit perfectly, we must honor that union. When something brings two hearts together, we must live for that beat lest we die in the silence.

To leave her is worse than an amputation, and to watch her go is like a piece of me is missing. We share a distance but a desire to see it close. We shed our tears in the spaces we share when we can, and we offer ourselves up to whatever power seems bent on bringing us together. I have never worshiped in such a place, but if this is heaven let me polish those pearly gates. I have found a paradise in her, and will not stop until I’ve built one for us to share.

In that church we will reside. Among the trees, climbing hills and shaking the dust off our feet we will remember our divinity. One day in some future time and place, we will look into each other’s eyes, hold each other’s hands, and we will share a memory. A tear or two may spill from our eyes as we gaze silently into the souls we once could only dream about. A silent whisper may form from our lips as struggle to find the words. Then there will be a kiss. There will always be a kiss.

I will, then, stare into her beautiful blue eyes, those very eyes that captured me so long ago. The wrinkles we have gained over the years will be unnoticeable, yet the memories we have created will never fade. We will embrace, and I will be filled with the memory of our first touch, our first kiss, and the first time she held my hand. Gone will be the disappointments of this world, and alive will spring that moment of truth when we offered a promise made and a lived promise kept. We will live the vow we swore first with silence, then with a phrase, and then a life devoted to love, truth and the devotion very few ever get a chance to live.

We will share a remembrance of something wonderful, a remembrance that began with two souls colliding and eternally continued in a story of love.  We will just lay here, together, living by our own rules, and paying no attention what we hear around us.

I love her. She loves me. What a time of something wonderful we share.

Pools of Blue

In the early morning Sun I see,
Pools of blue awaken me,
Connected, depth, the soul within,
Awakened man is lost therein.

Time denied, but there is life,
Perhaps not time to be my wife,
Yet lovers bloom in time and space,
In their love there is no disgrace.

Faith we had we must renew,
For beyond the sultry pools of blue,
A heart does beat, a mind does fear,
A promise made within a tear.

See the man, his woman held,
See the woman, her man beheld,
And in the end he always knew,
The end he found in pools of blue.

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You are the Tulip

I smell the sweet fragrance of love,
Not forgotten in moonlight,
Not forsaken in the scorching daytime Sun,
Always there, uplifting my soul,
Filling me with the melody of your heart,
Showing me the depths of my own desire,

You are the tulip.

I bend to inhale you, 
Lost in a swirl of wanting to be that great garden,
Where you can blossom,
Where you can bloom,
We sit in peace on fertile soil, you and I,
I am a bee, I cannot escape your gaze,

You are the tulip.

This heart is full, this mind is racing,
I can feel you in the distance,
Your scent rising to meet my truest form,
There is no greater truth that this,
Our love not lost in polluted air,
Our realm not forgotten in the weeds of reality.

You are the tulip.

You are the forever flower,
You are the blossom of my heart,
You are the fragrance I've been searching for,
The budding, the unfolding, 
The perfect colors born after a harsh winter,
Now I shall lay in your garden,

For you are the tulip.

To the Edge of a Lake

Sit with me, just a little while,
Know my soul, feel my heart beat loudly,
See the mountains silhouetted against the nighttime sky,
Hear the waters lovingly caress the evening shores.

On bended knee I've come before you,
Not weakened, but having risen strongly to the occasion,
Feel my eyes peer into your soul,
And know my love is everlasting.

Touch my face, and feel my lips touch your hand,
Bend down to kiss me, let me breathe you in,
A forgotten past sinks slowly to the bottom,
Love's promise creates waves on her silky surface.

Let me take a drink,
I have been thirsty for so long,
Take me to where I can have my fill,
And show me beauty I have never seen before.

I've lived in cold, barren places,
Known despair few have ever seen,
Looked at life through jaded windows,
Felt the sting as that glass shattered right before my eyes.

Alas, my blinded eyes now see,
The twisted scars healed, turned to gold,
A wounded heart now beats an ever more,
That brought me here... the edge of a lake
Whispering softly to my love, 
Never leaving her again, as if I've left her in the first place,
We could never part for long.

In the gaze of a first-quarter moon,
We share, eternity, 
Grasping not at the straws of the mind,
But in the substance of what we've purified.

We've sealed the moment with a kiss,
We rise, embrace in what was always our forever,
Knowing nothing but this truth, 
Possessed in nothing but ownership of ourselves.

We stand together, still yet moving all the same,
Our hands full, our truth mingling with the tantalizing scent,
Of the Us we've come to know,
Destined to realize our intentions.

We know but one answer to our question,
We've sought but one soul, to answer for our soulful memories,
And there we stand, marveling,
At the paths that brought us here... the edge of a lake,
To the shores of our remembering,
Never to leave this place again,
Forever changed in the shadow of our Moon.

We walk away, hand in hand,
Knowing we can never really leave,
For this promise made cannot be broken,
This oath sworn was never ours to make.

Destiny is a drum with its own rhythm,
No time, no space, no reality or illusion,
It makes promises we cannot help but keep,
Makes us walk to destinations we often fail to see.

There we meet, at the edge of a lake,
Realizing the purpose of our journey,
Feeling strong in love renewed within our hearts,
Knowing power of love realized within our souls.

To the edge of the lake we go,
To sit, in our spot long since determined,
To love in the way we cannot help but be,
We are, one, finally.



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No quit

Diving in the stillness,
Sitting, breathing, feeling,
A distant song, a revelry 
Renewed the purpose of eternity.

Beaten, robbed, by those he loved,
Passion gone, returned as anger born,
The minion forgotten in tribute to the Master,
A sullen boy lost, forsaken still.

No unleavened bread,
No manna from the sky revealed,
A desert devoid of hope,
Burning sand springs eternal from their lash.

There is no quit...
There is no surrender...
The white flag to this forgotten boy,
Means certain death, left forgotten on a road.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained,
Or so a manboy's told...
"Fuck you all," is his reply,
Words can sting more than a sharpened knife.

The Sun rises as it always does,
Darkness reigns in a young man's eyes.
The heat of rage denies his heart,
And the wound left in his side.

There can be no quit...
No defeat in the final bell tolled,
He cannot stop, for the will's defeat,
Is the ending breath for the unloved soul.

A boy, now man,
Struggling for his identity,
Tears with the newborn he holds,
Love, discovered in her cry.

A boy, now man,
Torn and tortured in the juxtaposition,
They, those out there, cannot be trusted,
Yet, with her, his determined hand rises above the embers.

There is no quit in this man...
For he feels a renewed destiny.
The Sun has risen with such complexity,
The Moon still beckons and teases his insanity.

A certain ending, beholden to no one,
A mission lurking just beneath his surface,
To love...again or for the very first time,
The Wind, it knows what it is doing.

Some things lost, and some things gained,
The process pushing him along,
It throws him into the darkness of his mind,
He is forced to face the demons that roared within his soul.

He is just no quit in this man....
The longing in his soul awakens him,
The sadness in his heart inspires him,
The entirety of his purpose test at the end of a rope.

He's alive, awakened to the journey at hand,
Each step a realization of survival, 
Of purpose, of arriving at love's great doorstep.
Of knocking on her door.

He knows, not from some crazy notion of insecurity,
But from his place of sculpted certainty,
He's arrive, yet the journey not completed,
He knocks, but will she let him in?

There is no quit in his heart,
She will be loved, for each scar on him a lesson told,
Each footfall a song unto its own,
Each note a tribute to who she is.

Alas, the door opens, and there she stands.
He has finally found his home.
The journey still not completed,
Yet, finally, he finally feels its purpose.


photo by: Lel4nd

The Sun Does Rise (A Poem)

In the soft breezes of a spring day,
In the sweet melody of love's sweet song,
There you were.

I found you in the Sunrise,
In the orange hues of a brand new day,
That promise renewed.

I saw you in the morning fog,
Dancing in such brilliance,
And extraordinary wonder.

I heard you in the songbird's lust,
Cracking silence with such resilience,
Making stillness such a wonderful emotion.

I felt you in that morning stretch,
Releasing, refreshing in a prayerful yawn,
Come, let us feast on our desire.

My dear Emptiness, my sweet perfume,
That scent that awakens my soul,
The fragrance of my own sacred self.

Come, for now I wither into the day,
Forgotten by most, hindered by my own insanity,
Lost in my own misdirection.

Leave, for now I want her in her chaos,
Found in her own disarray,
I thirst, and she is the drink.

In her, that island oasis in a sea of sand,
My extraordinary finding her ordinary,
Like a magic tale of a man not living on bread alone.

By her, a road full of bumps and bruises and shallow scars,
Turns East, toward an orange sky,
A day renewed, the Sun does rise.


Our Song

What if I said "yes" to your smile?
That simply delicious way you have of asking me a question,
Moving me in pockets,
Testing my resolve.

What if I just wondered into your heart?
Playing the strings of your embodiment,
Softly blowing through the reeds of your desire,
Tickling those parts of you.

What if I trusted your instincts,
As much as I trusted my own?
Climbing steep cliffs and rocky ledges,
Together, holding hands.

What if I softly touched your skin?
Tuning the instruments of your longing,
Strumming the soft notes we've written together,
Singing ecstatically to the Moon.

What if I followed those lines to the center of you?
No distortions in our hastened breath,
Our rhythm keeping Universal time,
Like the Sun and Earth in unison. 

I want to walk with you to places of pure joy,
Find you basking in your own pleasure,
Enter you in moments when you need to be filled.
Call for me.

I want to hear you scream your epithet,
Hear you moan your story, 
Writhe to our song,
Do not lay still, for the moment is passing.

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That Love

To swoon over the Moon,
To find countenance in the Sun,
To bathe in a mountain's early morning dew,
To be comforted by her warmth on a cold, winter's day,

Is to know that love.

To fall into a warm, natural spring,
To speak without ever saying a word,
To know, absent even the slightest thought,
To find desire in the eternal teasing of her soul,

Is to find that love.

To see beauty even in the roughest, uncut stone,
To stand tall even in the weakness of your knees,
To walk straight even when the mind fails in vertigo,
To find life when standing at death's door,

Is to discover that love.

To grasp a beauty that is silence in the chaos,
To find a smile through the veiled tears of suffering,
To know peace in the violent rages of a war,
To touch the face of heaven and God herself,

Is to finally meet that love.

It is that love for which our purpose lies,
It is that love for which our moments meet,
It is that love for which our dreams were broken,
It is that love for which our hearts do beat.

It is that love for which we seek.
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