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Under the Moon

I once heard a sparrow’s song,
“Tis me, your soul, in Spring,”
To which I replied “hello my dear,
I never did learn how to sing.”

I walked a little further til,
A flower called out in bloom,
“Won’t you come and rest here awhile,
And share a song Under the Moon?”

A man so full of wistful thoughts,
Who’s seen this life’s sunsets,
Knows the path his heart and mind must take,
From all his life’s regrets.

In the end the sparrow always leaves,
The rose, it wilts and dies,
But the man who’s learned to love again,
Forgets to say goodbye.

One day will come that final dusk,
For some it comes too soon,
But the lucky one, he got to sit,
With you Under the Moon.


From this…(A Poem)

From this end...
A new beginning.
From this pool...
An ocean born.
From this emptiness...
A sacred space.
From this soul...
An endless truth.

From these bounds...
Springs liberation.
From these tears...
A slow release.
From these quakes...
A mountain rises.
From these remnants...
A star is born.

From this goodbye...
A new hello.
From this word...
A sentence born.
From this destruction...
Creation follows.
From this hallowed silence...
I hear it all.

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A Solid Truth

Through the numbness gaze I see
Cloudy, murky, beholden to the current
Leaning, listing, the stormy sky emblazoned
Calmly, the whitecaps form.
Through the blinded folds of skin I feel
Nothing, lost moments, surrounded by light everywhere
Laying still yet falling into the whirlpool
Rising, the foamy surf left evidence to the dying.
Lovely, I’m lost to the bliss of my own ignorance
Awakened in a moment, I cannot stand to shout
Aware in a flash, I cannot look to see that spark
Forever changed, the light enters me where I am wounded.
But such is the way of great fortune
To be wounded but alive
To be silenced but not forgotten, then heard again
She reaches for the coldness and brings a warmth renewed.
One wobbles, but does not fall
One stumbles, but finds sure footing
Somewhere, beyond the certainty of the next step
Comes the power of where the feet now stand.
One regrets, but accepts what cannot be changed
One worries, but gives himself to the great Ocean on which he lives
There, in the horizon that we call our home
Come the Sunrises and Sunsets that define our days.
Goodnight, dear, see me in your dreams
Goodbye, friend, hear me in your laughter
Feel me as the waves caress your feet, as the Sun warms your face
Know me when the light appears as a new day comes.
There is nothing to fear there, in the waves
Dance like you’ve never danced before
And know me there, everywhere
No surrender, no retreat, just calm acceptance of the Warrior.
Now, let’s go, to that healing place
Let’s bask in the warm water
Play in the lush fields where the color is blinding
And hold this moment dear.
Let’s leave the worry to others
Go crazy in the surf, find ecstasy in the sand
Together, as lovers sitting on an Earthen altar
Together in every breeze, in every wave, in every squawking seagull.
There is heaven.
There is hell.
There is everything in between
And it is there that we will find ourselves in a solid truth.

God I love this place!

betelgeuseI walk.

I marvel at how the once soft, fluffy sands have become hard and unforgiving in the winter’s chill. I’m alone with my thoughts save the sounds of the surf crashing behind me; the sea hidden behind a shroud of darkness that allows me to focus on that music and the Universe exposed around me. I sit in the chill, gazing up at Gemini hoping to see the faint streaks of light created by the end of things likely born long before man was a dream. I give thanks in each passing blur as I am reminded of my own mortality, my own beginning, and my own end. I am reminded of the distance between the two, and I am grateful for this step in the journey of remembrance.

Through the shivers and the wet feeling of coldness upon my skin, I realize I love this place. I love the drawings I see as my mind connects the dots on Heaven’s canvas. I love the bright gaze of Jupiter staring down at me as I stare up at her. I love the orange flicker of Betelgeuse lighting my way toward the Hunter I’ve loved so much since my youth.  I remember gazing up at his belt, staring at its perfect alignment and marveling at how the dots seemed so close together, yet were so far apart. I remember realizing then that what we see from where we stand can make all of the difference in how we think.

God I love this place.

I walk.

I walk through the paths others have cut through forests created long before I was born. I embrace the stiff silence that allows the wind to make music through the brittle, dead leaves on their Mother trees. I notice how both seem to hold on to what was, neither truly wanting to admit that the time of their union has passed. It’s a certainty that the winter wind will separate those who cannot seem to let go on their own, and that the tree will sleep and the leaf will fall, lightly, to return the gift it has been given.

I cross a stream.  Little tufts of earth peek through slowly moving surface of crystal clear water, reflecting Heaven’s gaze. I notice how everything reflected seems the opposite of what I see, and I wonder which is the truth. Am I seeing things as they are, or am I seeing things through a reflection in my mind that is the opposite of how they are? Whichever, I continue walking, realizing that time and space can change everything, including the distance between giant stars that likely pay no attention to each other.

I allow the cold winter winds of my life to separate me from my leaves. I let go and say goodbye as they drift away toward their destiny. I know those things I think, those things I see, are mere reflections that exist only in my mind.  I am a man, after all, and can enjoy a view through both tainted eyes and the crystal clear waters of Love that exist in the calm stillness I dive into. Both exist for a reason, and a purpose to which both can be known.

God I love this place.

Here I sit. I’ve done nothing on my to-do list, yet I’ve given birth to an entire universe. To whatever blesses me with these words, I am grateful. To whatever inspires me to see beyond my flesh and bones, I am grateful. To the power that takes the ingredients of a man and makes them so very special, I am grateful. To my eyes that see and my heart that feels, I am grateful. Though I am no longer who I was, I am grateful for who I am. To the music I dance to and the voices I hear whispering lightly in my ear, I am grateful.  To the scars and the wounds as well as the dream I had that gave them life, I am grateful.  To the love and kindness offered that has held me steady, I am grateful.  I am grateful for it all.

So I sit, in peace and in stillness as the Sun shines gently through the window, its glow changing colors through my closed eyelids. I inhale its warmth that contrasts nicely through the chilled morning air, realizing both in the same moment. I realize the stretch of time that has brought me here, the limitless experiences and infinite possibilities of what “now” has to offer.  The raised bumps on my skin tell a truth, a truth that says, “Yes, you are on your way.”

God how I love this place.

And Now I Write…

A spring daydreamer.And now I write.

Having been blown away by the solemn wind of something other than this world, I write. Having fallen from a spot on which I’ve stood toward a hazy-blue tale of the unknown, I write. Having found the lost sense of purpose on which my heart does beat, I write.

It’s those eyes. Where have I seen them before? How do I know them? What commands my heart and soul to speak a truth my mind cannot yet fathom? What compass points to my true North which is not heading north at all? I do not think here, for reason has no place at this table. I am lost and found, completely at odds with my thoughts while knowing so certainly that what twists and turns outside my head is right.

To what paradise do I see when falling in those eyes? Only heaven could have pushed me from the cliff on which I’ve clung, and only Love could have gently forced me from the perch on which I’ve stood. I spread my mighty arms and soar through air that I once feared, now knowing the dream I’ve dreamt a million times as a new reality.

To you I fly,
my sweet lullaby, 
To tear this mind apart.
And though I try
I can’t deny
That sweet and gentle heart.

And so I write. Onward and endless flow the eternal words from the deepest part of me. Harnessed intentions I see in the moving clouds and hear in the rustling of the leaves that are seldom dormant in my mind. It is a truth. It is the truth, and a purer diamond you will not find in the entirety of our Universe. Hold it. Keep it, and view the world through its perfect eye.

Goodbye, for now, as I will write again when the winds stir me to that hallowed estuary.


photo by: graftedno1

Go There, Be Happy (Poem)

Who you turn to 
In your time of need, that’s the One.
When lost in your sea of emotion
When the mind takes over
And proves to be an absent friend
The arms that comfort you 
Are the arms where you should remain.
Who you talk to 
In your moments of turmoil
When the world closes in on you
When the journey seems its longest
And peace seems some distant dream
That mind is the one you need know
The thoughts that should be cherished.
Comfort is not an illusion
It is a message.
A message from one heart to another
From your heart to the rest of you
That tells a simple story of love
and of where you need to be
And where you should return.
Go there, and be happy
Know it every day, every minute, every second
Even in those moments when very ground you tread 
rumbles with its dissatisfaction.
Go there, and be happy
Knowing I go there with you
Sometimes with tears, sometimes with a beaming smile.
Go there, and be happy
Like flowers and grasses, bow your lips to the stream.*
And quench your thirst within the River.
I will see you there, someday.
*Rumi “Eternal Joy”
photo by: uteart

The Leaf (Poem)

I’ve done my job
And as the end slowly comes
I will do my job again
And fall lightly to my Home.
I’ve rustled through the breeze
And sang loudly through the winds of change.
I’ve given you shade
When you needed a break from the midday Sun.
You’ve given life to me,
So that I could give life to you, my Tree.
Now the seasons are changing
And it’s time for me to change as well.
I’ve grown old to you
Another spring I shall not know
In your embrace.
You once held me so that I knew I could touch the sky
You once lifted me up so that I could see it all
And held me firm when the storm clouds came.
But now you’re letting go
In your release I cry shades of red
Of yellow and hues somewhere in between.
Where we once held firm against the storm
Now the slightest breeze tears us further apart.
Where I once danced in the Sun
I now wilt and seek refuge.
Where I was once supple
I am now dry and brittle to the touch.
Yet I have done my job.
And I will continue to do my job
As I fall lightly to the Earth
To feed you once again.
Part of me in the decay will spawn another leaf
In another time
In your place, the place I loved to be.
And you will dance in the breeze, and sing a song
You will love the Sun together
And hear the birds sing and the church bells ring
I will be but a distant memory.
But I will know that you are there.
And in my silent revelry
I will love you just like I always have.
And when the calm breeze blows
I will hear our song again
And I will smile with a tear
Knowing that I had the chance
To dance
With you.
photo by: Will Merydith

If Only You Were Here

A pink-hued sky announces the end
Of yet another day
The empty seat, the empty bed
What is there left to say?
To you…if only you were here.
We’ve walked here before
I see your footprints in the sand
I’d set the world on fire
If that was your demand
If only…if only you were here.
I sit here watching time
As I sit here wishing you were here
With your hand meshed in mine
There’d be nothing I could fear
If only…if only…you were here.

Single Touch

 In the candlelight lays destiny
In the moment there is a mountain of truth
Reaching out for an answer to the call
Seeking for each other’s hand
Longing for that single touch
Than another
And another
Until there are too many to count
And we are lost once again in a place without time.
In the morning awakes destiny
Aglow with the passion of a remembered lust
Not letting go and grasping all the same
Needing each other
Reaching to give that single touch
Than another
And another
Until they become too many to count
And the Earth stands still as the Lovers dance.
There are no questions
In the moments of honest ecstasy
The two become one in the soft voice of forever
Eternity is calling
Demanding nothing but a single touch
Than another
And another
Until they become too many to count
And the mind’s defeat resounds in the sounds they have never made before.
They are one
In that single touch
That never ever ends.
photo by: LeonArts.at

my Sweet Affinity

How much is too much
Of me?
How much can you hear?
How much can you see?
How much can you bear 
Of me, my Sweet Affinity? 
Which time is the last time
You’ll be
Smiling at my words?
Wanting to hear from me?
Oh how much can you bear
Of me, my Sweet Affinity?
Which moment gives the rest
A loss of dignity?
When I don’t exist at all
In the Sunrise that you see?
Oh how much can you bear
Of me, my Sweet Affinity?
I pray, I struggle and look for signs
Or a simple, golden key
To unlock a moment’s saving grace
To set the question free
Just how much can you bear 
Of me, my Sweet Affinity?