My Cross to Bear

Such lovely willow blossom bare,
To thee my sweet the essence there,
Such nectar true to me decide
Whether stuck in truth or truth denied.

Fondled free to a withered home,
Absent in my Judgment’s tome,
In longing’s grasp so tried and true,
I am longing to be tried by you.

To be the cause of endless pain,
Is to find a means to be insane,
To defeat in me such ego’s charms
I consciously outstretch my arms.

Effortless to spike me there,
We all have such a cross to bear,
To fall not once, not twice but three,
Is to find such strength to carry me.

I shall always wear this suffered ring,
And bear the scar of suffering,
In time the Crown has seemed to fade,
The mark of ego thus betrayed.

So I stretch my arms to take the wood,
I’d take the nails if I only could,
To deny this place and deny me there,
Is to deny I have this cross to bear.