Who comes to your mind when the night gives you stillness?
When all is silent and you are alone by your Self?
Who is it that your mind calls out to as the silence comes calling?
Who is your hand reaching out for when the mind is left bare?
Who do you dream of when the Angels are singing?
When time and the past have no influence at all?
Who is it that you see in the mist of your longing?
Who is it that your heart cries out for when you need to be heard?
Who do you search for when the cross is too heavy?
When molehills and mountains seem too steep to climb?
Who is it you count on to dig footholds and crags?
Who is it you turn to to crack all the stone?
Whose name do you cry out to in moments of darkness?
When you feel like you’re crushed under the weight of it all?
Who do you run to for safety when the walls start to tumble?
Who do you think of when the pressure’s too high?
Who do you look to when your Light becomes blinding?
When joy in your heart makes anger subside?
Who do you search for when the moment feels perfect?
Who do you want when these moments arrive?
Search in your soul for the Love’s never waning,
Search in your heart to answer it all.
Open your arms to the Truth of your Being,
Open your mind to see what is standing right by your side.

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