A Meditation from Tonight’s Class

This is a synopsis of my reaction to a guided meditation tonight during a Foundations class.

Present Me is standing on one side of a bridge, shrouded in the fog of ideas and looking at Future Me standing on the other side.  Future Me is unshrouded, smiling contently while residing in unabiding clarity.  Naked, standing as straight as a tree, Future Me beckoned Present Me forward across the bridge, and I began to walk through the mist to join him.

I noticed the colors and beauty all around me become brighter and clearer as we merged, the harmonious sounds of all around offering me a rhythmic beat from which to dance.

Dance I did.

As I walked back across the bridge, I noticed the milestones left along the way and began to collect them on my way back to the Present.  Those closest to my Present were the heaviest, while those closest to my future were the lightest and less burdensome.   I realized how much I need to release in this Present, and how light the load will be when I can finally stand naked across the bridge dancing to sounds unencumbered by the past.

I feel harmony, Love, contentment and joy in the future.  Each burden I drop gets me there, each idea I lose attachment to lifts the fog, and as I stand naked and raw to the world I will simply Be.