I Thought

I thought,
Said the Spider to the Fly,
Was that you would love me
For doing this to you.
I thought,
Said the Fly to the Spider,
That I could forgive you,
For doing this to me.
I thought,
Said the target to the bomb,
Was that I’d accept you,
And look what you did to me.
I thought,
Said the bomb to the target,
That you accepted me,
But look what we did to each other.
I thought,
Said the Lover to the Beloved,
That you’d be with me forever, that I’d have the time to tell you these things,
But look at where that got us.
I thought,
Said the Beloved to the Lover,
That I’d live long enough to share with you my Heart,
But now all of that is forgotten.
I thought,
Said God to the helpless Mind,
That you’d understand the Present moment,
But all you did was relish in the past.
I thought, 
Said the helpless Mind to God,
That I could fix yesterday by living it today,
But all I did was waste my time.
I thought,
Was never a Truthful answer to a question,
It was a lie created to protect us from ourselves,
But all it did was keep us from our Divinity.

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