I close my eyes and thank you
Thank you for this feeling
Thank you for this inspired prose
Thank you for this experience
I am but a man
Imperfect, unknowing, afraid
A man used to standing on his own
While not liking it.
A man used to looking in the mirror
And wishing for a better view.
A man used to singing a familiar tune
While wishing he could change the station.
A man not unlike you.
A boy once beaten into wisdom
Had to first learn about his own stupidity.
A boy once betrayed into darkness
Had to know the abyss to see unending light.
A warrior once of the sword now of the Anahata 
He searches for a his way in the briers
Toward the sound that has given him pause
Toward the Stream that has given him a reason
To be thankful.
I close my eyes and thank you.
Thank you for the dreams I am about to dream
Thank you for the dreams I have had
Thank you for showing me a way.
Thank you for you.