For Eternity

It all in a million glorious moments
The rush is nearly too much to bear
As I sink into Her soul.
To feel…it…again
My eyes well up in tearful praise
Of what my Heart has always known
I am here…and I am Hers
For eternity.
There are no voices save one
It shouts Love’s unending hymn 
And brings me to the moment of pure ecstasy
To which I never shall return.
It is true, in Her eyes blue I have seen It
In Her lips full I have tasted It
In Her delight I have heard It
And I am here…and I am Hers
For eternity.
I try to reason it all
But it makes too much sense
So I throw away that part of me
That tries to describe the indescribable.
I know all I need to know
As She let’s it go and falls on top of me
As She bears her soul and falls into all of me
In tears I cannot let this moment go.
In my heart I have heard it
In my soul I have felt it
And in my entirety I know this truth
I am here…and I am Hers
For eternity.