Know that I am Real

After the coldest of nights
The slightest whisper from the Sun
Sets my soul on fire…
In its absence I feel the coldness
The numbness
The night continues beyond the dawn.
The night is something we cannot fight
Even if we search for the Sun within our own horizon
The night invades where the wounds are deepest.
Now, the coldest night drags on
The frigid wind of silence courses through my veins
In a lonely song of anger’s wrath.
Goodnight, sweet prince
To time and love you bow your soul
You kneel before the flame’s own altar.
To remember…to feign the air of ignorance is unholy
To love…to pretend to need it not is a lie
To want…the thirst continues as parched lips call your name.
Forgive me my moments of weakness
My mind’s own self-destructive prophesy
And know what I am even before my eyes can see it.
Now Sun, rise from above the darkened mountaintops!
Find me here, waiting as I’ve always been
And know that I am real.