The Two Ice Cubes

You and I are like two ice cubes
We are separate and individual
Each our own yet each a part of the same water.
Then, we are removed from our tray
Placed by the Universe on the same glass
Embracing, knowing, melting.
And here we are, the two of us
Melting into a single puddle
While staying two in the same glass.
The puddle is where the love is
Where the two become One
A testament of a love discovered in the knowing.
We dance as the glass is stirred
Melting a little more with each passing note of the song
With each moment in the warmth of love.
Sometimes there is a chill
Because ice can be cold even in the warmth
Yet in the chill we can still melt, still find the puddle if that is what we desire.
Sometimes we clang against the glass
Not taking the shape of the wonder we are in
And there we find our misery.
The chill isn’t what defines us
It is our desire to find the transformation
As we change from the ice into the puddle of love.
Now, I melt a little further
And hope you’ll melt a little bit with me
Because where I find you touching me is where I want to be.
Now, I melt a little more
And hope that you’ll melt a little more as well
Because where we meet is where the magic is.
One day when we have surrendered
And we are but one puddle in the glass
We will then become the air.
And in the air we will find our liberation
We will find our boundless, loving liberty
Still One not needing any container.
And in the air we will find each other differently
Still touching, still holding, still loving
Becoming the dance, the song, the holy melody.
We will float high into the sky
Together, hardly seen by the naked eye
Yet being seen by all just the same.
We may never remember the tray
Or the glass where we found each other 
But the puddle we will never forget.
The air we embrace will be our reminder
The way we touch will be our loving testimony
That nothing changes love, but love changes everything.
Embrace me now my lover
And melt with me a little more.
Let me feel your embrace through the chill
Let me know your desire through the puddle that we share.
And melt a little further…and further still
As we head toward our shared destiny.

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