Miss You (Poetry)

I miss you
There is just no other way to say it.
And as others draw their hasty conclusions
And think their wicked thoughts,
I just breathe, and blink, and stare,
And just, simply, miss you.
I miss the way your long hair flowed
How it felt resting upon my shoulder
How the wavy red locks raised my soul
Even before I knew I had one.
I miss your Irish green eyes
And how they’d raise the Sun from its nightly slumber
The way they sparkled in the moonlight
Teaching me that there could just be a place beyond the fear.
I miss your sweet, angelic voice
Telling me the secrets of my heart
In words I could have not yet understood
Defining things I wanted more than I would ever know.
God, I miss you.
And there is just no other way to say it.
More days have passed since we last danced
Than I ever thought I’d see.
Yet I just blink, and sit, and stare some more
And just, simply, miss you.
I take this bath in open honesty,
And tell the tale long hidden beneath my veil.
I see you clearly as I always have,
A part of me, a part of you, forever yet never lost.
I hear the song forever sung,
Written by a boy lost in helpless agony.
I play the strings forever strung,
And wander forever in the silence of haunting memory.
So, I miss you.
There seems so many ways to say it.
In each footfall of my well-worn feet
I can here it echo in the cavern of my soul.
Yet I’ll just sit, and stare, and blink for a time,
And just, simply, miss you.