The Seeds Left Sown

♥ The Drongo Love ♥ Happy Valentine's Day ♥
Forget the beauty before my eyes,
Such things are often a sad disguise
I care for things that love has grown
In equal parts in my soil sown.
Nothing left to manhood’s sure
But what is given to love endures
So I toss those seeds into the ground
To see what type of love is found.
Gone tomorrow this day is true
Yet today is heaven spent with you
So I’ll sit and smile and pray for there
As the seeds left sown find open air.
In joyful prayer the silent sit
I’ve found the song my lyrics fit
It isn’t yet her cup to fill
So I just sit and love these moments still.
One day, perhaps, the song we’ll sing
Then fly away on lover’s wings
To dance in fields I always knew
The seeds left sown, I’d sown for you.
photo by: VinothChandar