Different Days

While I don’t often find the use of the word “better” to be appropriate (I use “different” in its place), I certainly find this song completely in line with my own experience.

I remember the series of days when I was “broken down to kneeling”. Once I was listening, the voices did come as waves of emotion that still stroke my heart. Those days broke me down to my very core so that I could build myself back up again. I have learned great love for me, and for others, in this process.

And now I’m bursting.

And I’m disciplined. Listening. Learning. Employing the knowledge I’ve gained as wisdom, the truth I’ve found as a passionate reminder of my, our, true potential. Every moment I am reminded of the limitless possibilities, and am sometimes saddened when I’ve seen the barriers constructed to keep us away from reaching our truth.

I was made the way I was for a reason, and it would be silly for me to hide that light under a basket. So why not just be me? I am that fucking awesome.

So says the Sun. “If you burn easily, hide. If you don’t like the light, turn away. If you find my shade of orange distasteful, turn your attention elsewhere. I will always be, unapologetically, me.”

And as such the world thrives. For each of us, in our own way. After all, the Moon has her lovers, too.