Because I Love You…

…and because you love me, all things are possible.

Possible is the moment of our enrapture, when the moments alone will unite with the feel of our touch, the heat of our kiss, the sea of sweat that pours from our bodies.

Possible is the time when you hold my hand as we walk upon a wilderness trail, both embracing and being embraced by the Nature that holds us firm.

Possible is the miracle of our arrival, that glorious moment when time is frozen and space is narrowed to barely fit a breath of air between us. Wondrous is how two hearts always looking had found their mate, how nothing stood in their way.

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.’ ~Rumi

Behind us will be the remnants of those obstacles we created, strewn about as a testament to the power of our affection. Filled-in holes and leveled hills will mark our footsteps, and the sacred suns of a rejoicing Universe will be the light that guides our way.

All because I loved you, and you loved me.

You will feel my hand strong in yours, and my body as it sinks into a long embrace. We’ll make love under the moon, letting the waves of howling ecstasy escape our bodies into the pale-lit ether. We’ll call every place where we lay our home, and surrender to the madness that we are destined to be.

Wow, what an amazing concept. What will be. What is destined.

For now, I will lick my wounds and be lonely in my thoughts of you. Such loneliness is a grand gesture of our love. It is the valley to the highest peak, the vast ocean fed by springs of eternal hope. There will be a time, however, when I stand up to find you peaking around a corner, and I take you in my arms in a promise of one final, eternal embrace. What a moment that will be, and what a kiss we will share.




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