Our Song

What if I said "yes" to your smile?
That simply delicious way you have of asking me a question,
Moving me in pockets,
Testing my resolve.

What if I just wondered into your heart?
Playing the strings of your embodiment,
Softly blowing through the reeds of your desire,
Tickling those parts of you.

What if I trusted your instincts,
As much as I trusted my own?
Climbing steep cliffs and rocky ledges,
Together, holding hands.

What if I softly touched your skin?
Tuning the instruments of your longing,
Strumming the soft notes we've written together,
Singing ecstatically to the Moon.

What if I followed those lines to the center of you?
No distortions in our hastened breath,
Our rhythm keeping Universal time,
Like the Sun and Earth in unison. 

I want to walk with you to places of pure joy,
Find you basking in your own pleasure,
Enter you in moments when you need to be filled.
Call for me.

I want to hear you scream your epithet,
Hear you moan your story, 
Writhe to our song,
Do not lay still, for the moment is passing.

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