Just to Be Close to You

I remember when the darkened moments came, when grief and sadness seemed so insurmountable that all I could do was surrender to their call. I remember the pitch-black night. I remember the cold concrete floor of a restroom-turned-ashram, and the crazy chaos that numbness often brings to a world gone black.

That was but one step I took just to be close to you.

In this man’s life, the peaks have been high and the valleys low. The crosses have been heavy and the air has been thin. The nights have been very dark, and the days very bright. There is nothing like stumbling with the weight of a world on your shoulders and rising from the fall, bloodied and exhausted, yet sure and strong. Your will does not become iron without the fire, your heart does not beat strong without climb to test your spirit.

I rose just to be close to you.

Now, the summit reigns supreme as we make our home on the lofty heights of love and truth. We hold each other gently and firmly, gazing at a view years in the making, a kiss shared among the heavens, an oath born in the innocent intention of love. We asked for this lifetimes ago, and we seal that promise with a caress in the open knowledge that we are right were we were always meant to be.

We plan as people do, knowing our power in the doing, realizing we are helpless in the destiny. Differences fade in the power of our likeness, and fear subsides in the truth of our existence. When I hold you close and kiss you deeply, the realization of every step we’ve ever taken, every fall we’ve ever risen from, will come to life in that very instant.

I was born just to be close to you. I’ve lived just to be close to you. I’ve gained and lost and gained some more just to be close to you. Everything I’ve ever done, every step I’ve taken, every prayer I’ve uttered to the stars above, has been just to be close to you.

Now, I want to stay there. Close to you. Forever.



photo by: Dino ahmad ali