You’re Beautiful

From where I stand, 
You're beautiful,
Like in the way
The yellow poplars bloom,
Or the freshwater pearls shine in the early morning sun,
Or the goldenrod sway in the light spring breeze along a shimmering stream.

From where I sleep,
You're beautiful,
Like in the way
The blue moon lights your path,
Or the cardinals sing to announce your arrival,
Or the viceroys are born to dance about the fields where you play.

From where I am,
You're beautiful,
Please don't change a thing,
Live your life so beautifully,
Test your dreams by putting your toes lightly in the water,
Then jump, and let's swim in joy together,
And dance to the sound of the dulcimer.

You're beautiful...
Not out there like a star to be admired,
Or some flower to be picked,
But within me where you are, forever...
Where you are free to know...
You're beautiful.