I Want You to Know

It’s an unusually cloudy morning, and I’m drawn to the sound of rain gently tapping on my bedroom window. I pause and stare as each drop makes its landing, then slowly begins its trek toward its end. Somehow, it seems as if the angels are crying. Maybe it’s just the mood the clouds seem to bring as each day gets shorter, and we deal with darkness in our waking moments equal to those of when our day comes to an end.
The mood shifts to thoughts of you as my body creaks to life. I search for the warmth of your body I’ve never known, and the morning taste of lips I’ve yet to kiss. I wonder what you sound like as you make your first movement, and if you’ll fall into me as I take you in my arms. When one soul finds its mate, the magnetism is real. I may hold you in my arms, it is almost like your body is drawn to mine. It takes so very little effort indeed.
That part of me in you, and you in me, does all the work for us. We are in each other, as we been since the dawn of time.
Perhaps you should know this. Maybe you should know how the seconds say your name, how each breath reminds me of our possibility. Perhaps you should know the warmth of my body in the morning, the touch of my fingertips under the Moon, and the sweat of our dance in the many moments that lay between. Perhaps you should know we’ve not yet begun to live, and that there is a Universe waiting to be born in the moments we kiss, in the slumber we share tasting each other as our eyes close, together. At last.
Maybe you do already know such things? Perhaps you’ve felt me enter you in your dreams, or been awakened in the announcement of our pleasure. Maybe you’ve awakened on a cloudy day and reached for me, wishing you could hear the sounds of my arousal, and feel the stirrings of a new day by my side.
Maybe. I cannot tell. Although I know that we will always end up where we belong, I also know that sometimes we have to climb to get there. Sometimes we need to take the step, leap from the ledge, or find that first handhold that will get us to where we belong.
In this moment, there is you, and I want you to know such things. Not just now, when I am standing at the base looking at the summit, wondering if I can make it there, but also when your hand extends to pull me to the ledge, where we decide which path we take from there.
I will dream as I write this, hope as I climb, awaiting that moment when…
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