Looking into the Pond Looking Back at Me

The world is but a reflection of me,
Whatever I share with it, it offers in return,
Whatever I give it, it gives back to me,
Whatever I see in it, it sees in me.

I can only change the world by changing my self,
I can only find love in the world if I am love,
I can only find peace in the world if I am peace,
Whatever I am in the world the world is to me.

The world is but a dream surrounded by darkness,
It is as I wish it to be even as my ego fights what is,
The more I fight the more I suffer,
I am but Looking into the Pond Looking Back at me.

In order to be forgiven I must forgive,
In order to be loved I must be love,
Forgiveness is an action of love, but love is not an action,
It is a state of Oneness with Being, the part of us that is God.

To be one with Being is to be Love,
To be separate from Being is to be the illusion,
To seek Being in the light is to not find it,
You must be wandering in the darkness for it to be revealed.

When you find Being you will know it,
It will no longer be separate from you,
You will no longer need the darkness to see the light,
You will no longer search for what you are –

You will be the Pond Looking Back at You.

One thought on “Looking into the Pond Looking Back at Me”

  1. >Its funny how you find exactly what you need when you are not looking for it. This poem brought clarity to my thoughts. Is this world we live in is crazy, or is it just my reflection? -Peace Keith

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