Before You (A Lyric)

Finding insecurity, 
The voices get the best of me,
I drowning here with no one on the shore.
Let outside into the storm,
Finding nothing’s there to keep me warm,
There must be something, there must be something more.
Head spinning, 
This was before you…
You’re winning,
Like there was never something more
Before you.
I remember nothing ever grew,
But excuses in the dark that were made true,
Counting out the times that created the worst of me.
The blind led the blind into the rain,
The fires of hell drove me insane,
Left alone until the Demons set me free.
Cold winds blowing,
This was all before you…
And now love is showing,
There was never something more
Before you.
Torn but never crying,
And now I crumble before you…
Giving all I have to give without trying,
I’ve never known this before
Before you.