You Are Home (A Lyric)

I feel it falling all away,
The shroud that time and mindlessness,
Fades in me today…
Lost without control,
It’s all falling free on top of me,
Just take me in your arms and heal this tattered soul.
Missing you…
Not so sure which way to turn,
But I’m turning to you and hope that you will stay,
What is all this telling me to learn?
Finding truth in lies,
I’ve got to leave all of this behind
And start anew under different Northern skies.
I’m found again only in your arms…
Signs that point to what is real,
Are pointing right at you with monuments to truth
And telling me to follow what I feel.
Somewhere dreams find themselves falling down
Between the lines of statues to the truth
Telling me…telling me your feet are on the ground.
And you are home…