When I See You Smile

Do you know the beauty exposed to the world when you smile?

I know you do.  You have to.  There’s no way that kind of bomb goes off and you can’t feel it.

For me the shock wave is magnificent.  It bowls me over, knocks me to me knees and then lifts me up again.  Yeah, I feel it.

It may take somewhere around 26 muscles for you to smile, but it really only takes one for me to feel.  That muscle beats loudly in my chest at the very thought of you, a testament to the power of a connection formed not today, not yesterday, but perhaps a million lifetimes ago in an entirely different place.  Whenever it was formed, it lives strongly in that smile and in my heart’s response.  Those things are the Soul we share reminding us of who we are and where we’ve been.  We may not remember the details, but to that Soul those details are meaningless if the face of the bound itself.

I bet you have bowled me over, knocked me to my knees and lifted me up again an infinite number of times since we’ve known on another.  I may only remember a relatively few of them and only the most recent, but I have a strong suspicion that I’ve fallen over and over again for the simple pleasure of seeing you smile.  Maybe I’m remembering.  Maybe I’ve never forgotten.  Maybe you were always there.

I guess it doesn’t matter.  What matters is you are coming, and I will again be knocked to my knees and picked up again.  Yeah, I smile at the very thought…