And Now We Stand







“A man must learn to kneel before he can learn to rise.”

I have knelt, and tasted bitterness from the puddles at my feet. Now, I rise, and drink from the golden chalice blessed upon the altar of love. Drink with me, Lover, and know the taste born in all eternity.  Sip from the cup that offers so much promise and you will know our truth, and the two of us will become drunk in the throes of very thing that gave us life.

Rise with me and gaze upon the horizon.  See tomorrow through the eyes of love, and taste this moment in that sweet fruit we both crave.  I kiss the slight trickle of juice as it escapes your lips, tasting what you taste, knowing what you know.  We then look into each other’s eyes, and without words the oath of a million lifetimes is once again spoken.  Fall into my waiting arms as I fall into yours, and together let’s stand tall in this, our space, our place of Heaven.

From that moment we met we knew.  In the mind we fought, in the slavery of ideas we tossed and turned in the roughest of seas.  Now, from this moment we stand, I vow that I shall make love to you forever, each moment a testament to the eternal spring within us.  Our minds will challenge us, our bodies will defy us, and our voices will call out to empty shadows in darkened rooms.  Yet we, that magical bond between you and me, will not waver again.  Our hearts bound to remember this moment even as it passes, our Souls taking the lead even when the voices shout their loudest.

We stand.  Together.  We lean on each other.  Our true selves are known nowhere else but here, in this place where two Souls found each other, love each other, and speak a truth no one else can hear.  We comfort one another, and stand in the shadows together.  We face our monsters in the dark alone no longer and defeat them all we shall, arm-in-arm, together.

You were there when I had fallen into the mud.  You were there as I tasted the stench of the puddles that stung at the wounds in my flesh.  You were there as I rose, as I stumbled, as I rose again.  Now, you are here as I stand tall, healing quickly, ready to move beyond this field into the life we were destined to have.  Ready to dance, ready to love, ready to share this enormous gift.  Ready to give it all to you.

I don’t pretend to know it all.  I know Now, this moment, and the truth of it.  That truth courses through my veins.  You course through my veins, into my heart, out through my breath and back into the best part of me all over again.  Yes, it is beautiful, and I know it for all of its magnificence.

My testament of gratitude is simple, yet Divine.  To be true to the incredible lightness of Love that I now float upon.  Like the River I now find myself surrendered to, it carries me to places I’ve never seen and never known.  When I’m afraid, I will reach for you my Lover, and you will remind me of the safety of this place.  When I fight, you will remind me that it is me that I am fighting, but you I am fighting for.  When I shout, you will put your finger to my lips and kiss my face gently reminding me that it’s a ghost I’m chasing.  This I know, and this I will do for you.

So thank you, and take me for all I am and all I will ever be.