Be Ready, I Am Coming

I need not ask you what I should do.  I know what I should do.  I should tell you all to shut up so that I can hear again.  Let this wolf walk silently in the woods so that I can hear.

Hear her howling at the sky so that I can howl too.  Hear her speak to me in the light of the full moon so that I can answer.  Feel her there, in the shadows and in the light as I always have.  Search for her footprints in the snow as you all spy on me from your perches high above.  I can hear you laugh but I don’t care.  I am on a search, not for you, not for yesterday, not for now but for the million days to come when my very soul will know the sweetness of her voice, the softness of her skin and the strength of her love.

Her love will be unrestrained one day, set free from a prison of fear created in a day and age when I did not exist except as some memory in her soul.  My love will be unrestrained one day too, set free from a prison of my own making created in a day before I remembered her and sought her out. We will learn from each other and continue our searches for one another in the night.  We will find each other in the cold winter’s night, and we will melt the snow in glorious ecstasy.  Soon we will look back on this life we’ve lived together and remember the heat, the passion, the pain but mostly we will remember the love.  Our final gift to one another will be love, and as we sink into old age together the single voices looking for each other on a cold winter’s night will howl as one in a testament of our beautiful journey.

Hate me if you will, oh voices of reason, for you have no place here in this forest.  You have helped me stand again.  You have helped me see the beauty and strength of me.  Yet, I know those lessons learned were for those nights in the forest when I am searching for her in the most dangerous places I can go.  You cannot know the fires within me that drive me onward, toward the only voice I wish to hear.  You cannot feel the passion inside of my heart that keeps it beating when all things appear lost.  You cannot know me as I know me, and you cannot know her as I know her.  So escape now or be lost because I will not tolerate your vengeance.  You will die when her lips touch mine, and you will be exiled from my mind as our bodies melt into one divine pool of ecstasy.

I have chosen.  I will swim within her or I will drown in the effort.  That’s trust.  That’s faith.  That’s the strength I needed to find.  I will taste her again, we both know this to be true.  She will know my strength and live from it as I know hers and crave it.  She will see all of me, and she will know me to be real.  Nothing is done here, we have unfinished business to attend to.  Two beasts of the night howling at the moon searching, then finding, then knowing, and forever being.  You want to know the truth I have found as I stood strong against the coldest winds and driving rain?  There you have it.

So I growl.  She knows that growl.  I save it just for her.  It’s there in the moon, in the stars, in Sun and in the entirety we see.  My mouth froths at the very thought of her, and I bare my teeth in hopeful joy.  My layers fall all around me as I near her and only she can see what’s there.  She growls too as the dance resumes.  Yeah, you know that dance my love.  You can feel the steam coming off our bodies in the chill, you can feel the sweat pouring out of us in a raging torrent that floods everywhere.  Only you know those things, and the sight of my Truth.  Only you have seen it, only you know it, and I know you love what you see.

So, I’m coming for you.  Howl not at the moon, not at the sky, but at me.  Let me hear you, let me follow you wherever you may be.  As the armor falls, as the weapons get lost in the snow and we find each other naked in the woods we both know how that story ends.  Tell me, can you feel it?  Of course you can, I can feel you throbbing in my entirety.  Yeah, I can feel it, and I am coming.

Drop your defenses and open your arms.  You will know my power and never need seek it again.  I heard you in my dreams I am coming.  Howl for me, let me feel the power in your soul as it rages in my ears.  Let me bask in the heat of your passion as I follow your sound toward heaven.  Yes, I am coming my love and I will meet you because I know that you are coming too.


photo by: h.koppdelaney