I am Coming

I sit beneath the calm sky, the cold winds whipping at my weathered skin. In between the vaunted gaps of questioning, talking and arguing I find what I am looking for.

Stillness.  And with it a feeling of warmth that has long been absent from my days for a long as I care to remember. Yes, I remember.

Around me the cold drops of a winter’s ice begin fall from their icy confines, hitting the ground with the great rhythm of our Natural Universe. Involuntarily, my heart begins to beat in time with this natural order of things as my body begins to sway in the unseen wind of my heart’s desire. The snows that once burdened the branches of the trees that surround my heavenly space begin to fall away, and slowly the limbs of my faithful forest friends move along in the song as well.

A shift has exploded within me as I hope to draw closer to the very flower I have admired from a distance. I want to feel her warmth caress the deepest parts of me. I want to hear her sing, and feel the way her laughter makes me smile. I want to have her next to me as we hike a woodland trail, hear her splashing in the lake we have both dove into, and then feel her hands snake around my neck as we embrace in the crystal spring. I’ve prepared for this, and I am ready.

I’ve made room, moving beyond the inane thoughts that served few, and toward that shining star I was built to discover. I’ve surrendered to the cause of love, that awesome warmth in the midst of such complete coldness, and have worked myself into a taut warrior with one cause: to make it to that summit where she resides and to kiss her deeply in a way she has never been kissed before. There, love will explode around us like a new heaven, and there we will make it known our intention to share moments like this with each tick of our man-made clock.

My blade has been sharpened, my flesh tested and my mind steeled. I stand and look ahead toward the distant peaks and horizon, ready for the journey and thirsting for the drink. Here I come, my love, hear my roar and ready yourself for the moment when we touch. It is near.