Love is Labor-less

Love is Labor-less

I cannot chase you, or hound you, or wish myself upon you. I cannot search for you, or turn over stones to see you, or break boulders to uncover you. I know this is what you want, how you find value in your existence, how I can prove myself to you over and over again.

Understand that I am busy traveling; walking as I may through the dust and the mud and the perfect fields of endless flowers. Understand that love is not a labor to me, it is labor-less. Understand that my commitment to you is to clear a path where we both can walk, if you choose, to wherever we are going.

So, walk with me if you want. Share with me unbridled passion if you choose. That’s where you’ll find the proof, not from the blood of my blistered hands digging for your treasure, but in the sweat of my brow as you share it.

Come, as you are, and we will walk hand-in-hand for a while.