A Certain Reality

dream#2In a dream you come to me like a soft breeze on my sweaty skin, awakening my soul to the everything of living. Through the pain you are the pleasure, through the moisture-laden hot air you are the breezy comfort that deepens my breath and releases my heart. I don’t want to open my eyes; I am awake in my sleep, conscious in my slumber, and comfortable in the knowing that you are there.

When my eyes finally open no one is there but you have not left me. In the waves of joy that bring bumps to my skin you ride, upward until the wave breaks a smile upon my lips. I sit idle, enjoying the moment, letting it go as another wave crests out within my soul’s horizon. I shall ride this one, and the next, and all that follow until I find myself lying upon your gentle sands, feeling the glow of your gaze upon my naked form, enjoying a dream transformed into a certain reality.

I will be patient. I will patiently await your arrival, and I will patiently prepare for the moment when our eyes meet, our flesh is joined, and our breath mixes in the ether that separates us. I will play in the grains of sand that separate us, and I will swim in the drops of heaven’s tears that connect us unknowingly through the oceans of our lives. I will not sacrifice myself upon any altar until you come, sword in hand, to flay me open upon the very vestibule in which you lay.  I will wait for you, even as I walk the path that brings me to you, and I will not waver.

There is a certain reality to the flow of life, and that is that we make it all real. I know my star is out there, in my sky, looking for me as I her, feeling the ebbs and flows within her that thoughts of me provide. I know our paths will converge in some lifetime, at some place. I know it all to be true, and as I dance in the field of this certain reality, I simply wait for you to join me.

photo by: moreau michel

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