What You Do To Me (A Meandering Poem)

You don’t know what you do to me…
In the moments I see you smile
In the times I imagine your laughter 
Your kiss…your touch
You don’t know what you do
To me…
You don’t know what you do to me…
In the times I follow the lines on your skin
To the places you want me to go
Within, beyond those places anyone has ever gone before
I bathe in the colors, the art that reflects your soul, and…
You don’t know what you do to me…
When I hear you growl in candlelit room we will share
To know you have come to this place to find me
To blossom in the spring, to whither in the fall
I will share it all with you, and…
You will know what you do to me…
In the impassioned feast of two hungry hearts 
We dine, we drink, we dance, and we dive in for more
Pulling out the id from our own insanity
Creating the dream from our own reality
Forever in the orange-hued twilight we roam
We are like no other ever born
Warriors in the quest…lovers in the chain-less servitude we choose
We follow something into the tree-lined fields in which we play
Something…everything…yet nothing at all.
Feel me, for the roots I have sent into our soil
Touch you…tickle your feet and play with your senses
No fear…well, perhaps a little
As you fly up to my highest branches
When I caress you with my tender limbs.
Can you see what you do to me?
I’m left meandering through the forests of my mind
Where the stars twinkle in dimly lit reminders of yesterday
Where the emptiness gives them room to be
I drift to where your gravity guides me…free.