Who Am I? (A Poem)

Who am I
To tell you how beautiful you are?
How your eyes light up my heart,
How your mind teases me into submission?
Who am I
To suggest little things to you,
To tantalize myself with thoughts of  passion,
To remind myself of times I only hope could be?
I am but a dreamer,
A fool…
A warrior without a battle,
A timekeeper without a watch,
Macbeth without his bell.
So who am I
To tell you these simple truths?
To make you smile under your umbrella
To have you wander in the rain?
Who am I 
To love you from a distance?
To believe in magic miracles
To want you in soft wonders of the moonlight?
I am but a fool
A dreamer…
Lost in the mist of his own mind
Trusting in the song of his own heart
Gone into such places full of time where we belong.