This Life (A Poem)

Dreaming…in segments
Disturbed innocence in the realm of possibility
Left me wondering in a pool of uncertainty
Tomorrow’s truth is yesterday’s lie
Forever telling stories.
One day I was born
Given to the burdens of my ancestors
Eventually I’ll die
And wither away to the nether
Yet a Creator I’ll be to the last.
Life…that experience between
Is what I’m here for
The pains and the joys
The smiles and the sorrows
The climbs and the cascades.
Pardon me if the rules can’t apply
Even if they do
Excuse me if I don’t participate in your insanity
Even when I do
Allow me the folly, then the faith, of this reality.
The child cries in an unholy lust
The boy reviled in some darkened melancholy
The adult is caught in the throes of metamorphosis
The change, painful and daunting in its blood lust
The result, a merciful reprieve.
The young ones born within his slumber
The love, the perfect nirvana 
The loss, the perfect nirvana
The closeness and unbridled bliss
The result nothing but some perfect harmony.
Hear me shout a certain song
Then hear me hum a lullaby
Sleep and slumber a rich man’s right
While the poor slaved sleep deprived
The looters vilified as the banker’s laughed.
My heart bleeds bright red tears
As my brain recovers from its numbness
My body, plump with unrequited sadness
My heart burdened by the secrets of frightening liberation
My soul just wants to know.
In aloneness I feel inseparable
In a crowd I feel so separated
In friendship I feel a beautiful revelation
In love I am reminded of that glorious dream
Segments showing me the realm of glorious possibility.
I was born once
Or maybe a million times
Presented with a million stories
Of a million ideas creating a million tears
And I suffocated, writhed and wilted.
I lived once
Or maybe a million times
A million muddy footprints in the sand
A million hand holds to that mountain’s top
Trying to sit there, on top of the world.
I died once
Or maybe a million times
A million last breaths give birth to a million firsts
A million times I succumbed to sigh
Closed my eyes, and said goodbye.
Awakened here, I love it so
An eternal wave of a sacred pebble cast
That is me, both pebble and ripple and puddle and sea
 I cannot forget yet I cannot remember
This life…or that…or the in between.
And thus, I go
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