I am Born (A Poem)

In the sullied storied yesterday
It began
Lost to the ages in a whimsical verse
Gone to the ether in a mystical prose
Like that, the flicker dies
And like that, I am born.

Somewhere bits of me resound
Yet, for now, I remain lost
Lost in the melancholy of stories not forgotten
In the foggy pieces of hell
I've grasped, I've held on to
Despite the burning flesh of my embrace.

Somewhere in the distant shadows
I can hear the singers sing
And feel all manners of their hallowed dance
Their footfalls in the sand
Their faces lit by the orange gaze of burning wood
I long to know their joyful sound.

Yet, there...somewhere...everywhere
We are lost to the Wind
Bound by faith not our own
Held firm my mystics we have never known
Scratching at the Earth...
Begging to be free.

What, dear Shaman friend
Do I do with such a freedom?
When the shackles fall and the song is all my own?
Who teaches me to build that Fire?
To dance that Dance?
And the Wind guides me beyond the grasp of man?

Who, dear Warrior within
Do I love in such a free-born flight?
When the light shines in I love the darkness,
When the darkness comes I crave the light,
Never to seek
Never to know myself again.

I laugh an insane-man's laugh
As another layer falls, another universe is born.
You cannot exist in the spaces I now go.
You cannot fall when your wings are thus unfurled.
You cannot lose when there is nothing left to win.
Now, go, be free, and never speak of this again.

Let go, She said, this peace is yours to know.
Hold on, He said, and die forever in this mist.
Dance around the fire of your own design,
Choreographed by the Master that you are.
Do not look to them for answers,
You were born with all you'll ever need to know.

At the shoreline I stood, 
A prayer uttered by my footprints in the sand,
Answered by the lapping waves,
Singing praise to their depths, 
Calling me in, as I gulped down air
To breathe where no breath could be taken.

Birthed by the ocean where I feel so at home...
Warmed by the fire around which I dance...
Cooled by the subtle breeze of yesterday...
Embraced by this joyful dance of life...
I walk out, slowly sinking into all that is...
Releasing to the waves all that ever was...

And there...

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