I am Scared, but I am Ready

Bald Eagle Landing


I have thrown all caution to the wind, and I’ve jumped. Completely and without hesitation, I’ve leaped into the arms of the unknown, waiting patiently for her embrace and the soft winds to take my wings to flight.

Yes, I am scared. I have no idea where I will land and how. Yet, under that current of fear lies a sacred confidence that I am where I am supposed to be, and I am fulfilling the greatest promise for which I was born. Fear has exposed that confidence, acting like a thermocline that once broken, exposes the truest and warmest waters of a life meant to be lived.

I have no fall-back position. When I jumped, I had no idea where I would land, or how I would fly. Love, like a Great Mother, pushed me from the nest into a great abyss. I trust in Her, so while my humanity struggles with doubt, my heart rises to the occasion. I have a lifetime of experience that has prepared me for this moment. I have lived to be here, and I was born to live in a limitless field of pure potential.

I have won the lottery. We all have. We have been born with gifts that can lead us to great abundance. We have passions, loves, desires and wants all meant to be guideposts toward our greatest realization. My work is in eliminating all of the conditioning heaped upon me to see myself free. My practice is to face the adventure with a sense of pure abandon, utilizing the gifts Love has sent me, basking in the glow of true abundance that shows itself in every smile, in every nervous moment, in every gift I have been given.

I will not fail. This experience is mine, and mine alone. I will succeed in it, and I will swim lovingly in the warm flow meant to take me to places I have yet to see. I have jumped, and I cannot return to the nest unless I fly, and if I fly I will have no need for the safety it has pretended to provide. No, the real safety is in the sky, not in the nest. It is the sky I seek to roam.

Come with me on this journey. Support me, my friends, and share my words with those who could use them. I promise I was meant to be here, and you along with me.

See you soon, I love you all.

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